How To Save
On Prison Calls ...

... and how to save on sending greeting cards, magazines, books and photos

State Department of Corrections
Inmate Phone Call Information

Each state has different rules and call rates and contracted phone providers. Some states offer discounted rates to local calls. Click on your state below for links to the Department of Corrections websites and for information specific to that state about the procedures to receive phone calls from inmates at the prison, the cost of the calls, and the benefits and cost savings of using a SaveOnPrisonCalls local phone number. The information we have accumulated on these pages applies only to U.S. state prisons. Federal Prisons and local prisons have different restrictions and rates.


State Prisons with Little or No Discount
for Local or Out-of State Calls

If your friend or loved one is housed in one of these State Prisons, there will be little or no discount for local numbers. These prisons charge basically the same rate to all U.S. numbers. Click on the state DOC below to learn about inmate calling procedures for that state's department of corrections.

Stay Connected With Your Inmate