How To Save
On Prison Calls ...

... and how to save on sending greeting cards, magazines, books and photos

Greeting Cards

Greeting cards can be sent to inmates. However, there are many restrictions imposed by the prisons.  Here are some general rules about sending greeting cards to inmates.

Not allowed:
Cards with electronics
Cards with pop-ups or pop-outs
Inappropriate content (no nudity or sexually suggestive content
Cards with glitter
Cards with stickers
Envelopes with writing other than name and address.
Cards with perfume or cologne
Envelopes sealed with tape

Plain, regular greeting cards. While this may seem boring, even a plain, regular greeting card is much appreciated by the inmate.

If any greeting cards are deemed by the prison mail staff to be inappropriate, the cards will not be delivered to the inmate and may be disposed of. Check with your inmate's institution to get a clear understanding of any restrictions, including size and quantity.

Greeting cards can be purchased at the store and mailed by you, or greeting cards can be purchased online, personalized, and sent directly to the inmate. There are many online greeting card websites. You want to make sure you are purchasing a regular greeting card, not an e-greeting card (digital).  

Personalized Greeting Cards

Here are some links to online greeting card websites:

Choose your card. Personalize your card. Card Fool will mail it to the recipient. Uses U.S. Postal Service. Any card you order before 2pm CST will be printed and mailed SAME DAY!

All cards $1.99. Choose your card. Personalize your card. Greeting Card Shop will mail it for you.

Photos cards available. Choose your card. Personalize your card. Add photo, if wanted. Card Store will mail to the recipient. Most cards $3.59.

Create and send your own personalized photo postcards and greeting cards online, or download the free postcard app to send cards on the go wherever you are. My Postcard will Print, Stamp and Mail all of your cards for you.

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