Save on Phone Calls from Canada Federal Prisons
Get a Local Number Anywhere in Canada


How to Save on Prison Calls
from Canada Federal Prisons

Get a local number originating anywhere in Canada

Local numbers are available for most Canada Federal Prisons

How to Save On Calls From Canadian Federal Prison Inmates

Sign up for a local phone number to the prison

Why? Federal prisons in Canada charge a considerably lower rate for calls placed to local numbers. Save up to $6.32 per call with a local number.

What you need:

  • Someone in a Canada Federal Prison that you want to talk to.
  • A phone number guaranteed to be a local call from the correctional facility. (Merely having the same area code DOES NOT make it a local call.)
  • An existing home or cell phone account
  • A credit card, debit card, or pre-paid card, or checking account
  • Funds available on the inmate's phone card.

Why Choose

  • SaveOnPrisonCalls is here to save you money.
  • We won't sell you a local number if it won't save you money on your calls.
  • We guarantee the number will be a local call.
  • We offer competitive pricing. Plans starting at $26 per month. (USD)
  • Convenient and secure payment processing through PayPal
  • No gimmicks or hidden costs
  • We've done our homework.

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