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Vermont State Prisons
Inmate Phone Calls

Vermont Department of Corrections:
Telephone Calls

Phone Provider for Vermont State Prisons

ConnectNetwork GTL
GTL’s prepaid collect option, AdvancePay®, allows a friend or family member to set up a calling account to his or her phone number without the restrictions of standard billing. Every time calls are made and accepted to a prepaid number, the charges are deducted from the account. Prepaid accounts can be set up for all types of numbers, including cell phones.

Friends and family should visit to set up an AdvancePay account. 

ConnectNetwork GTL


Call Rates

Phone Call Rates

The cost of the calls is set by the contracted phone provider. In addition to the quoted rate of the call, applicable taxes and fees may apply. Rates subject to change.

Rates for calls from Vermont state prisons:
Local Calls:  .04 per minute
In-state calls:  .07 per minute
Out-of-state calls:  .07 per minute


General Information

Below you will find general information about the telephone policy at Vermont State Prisons

Debit Phone accounts visit to deposit money.

Prepaid Phone accounts visit or call 1-800-483-8314 to set up an account, check your balance, and make a payment.

Inmates should be allowed access to a telephone on a regular basis to place calls with family, friends, attorneys, courts and public officials. Telephone lines should be available for inmates to receive privileged communication calls.

Each inmate will be provided with an individual account which will be required for making telephone calls. Ordinarily the Department will not pay for telephone calls. However, in emergency situations the Superintendent of a facility may, in exercise of his/her discretion, authorize a call by an inmate at the facility's expense if the inmate cannot arrange to pay for it.

Procedures for telephone use should take into account the overall security, order and management requirements of the facility, specific programs and individual inmates.  Procedures should also consider facility constraints such as: population, staff, number of telephones, etc. 

Inmate telephone conversations, with the exception of privileged communications, shall be recorded and may be monitored. Each facility shall ensure that inmates receive advance notice of recording and/or monitoring of their telephone calls through:
1. A recorded message at the beginning of each phone call that advises both the inmate and the other party to the call that the call is subject to recording and/or monitoring;
2. The Inmate Telephone System Number Request Form – A statement that the acceptance of an account and use of inmate telephones is deemed as consent to recording and/or monitoring of inmate telephone calls. 

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