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Prison Phone Provider for setting up prepaid accounts:
ICSolutions: Set up prepaid accounts online at

CenturyLink is the Inmate Telephone System provider for the Utah Department of Corrections as of Jan. 20, 2015. To establish a pre-paid account that allows an inmate to call you, call ICSolutions at 888-506-8407 or visit the website You also can find more information about the Inmate Telephone System provided by CenturyLink by clicking on this link.

Are you paying more than $1.80 per call for calls from an inmate in a Utah State Prison? 

If your answer to this question is "Yes," a local phone number can help you reduce the cost of the calls from Utah state prisons. Due to the Utah DOC requirement that you provide proof of ownership of the phone number, you will need a full VoIP phone service. You will be able to submit a copy of your bill to prove ownership, and you will be able to forward the local number to your cell phone, if needed. A call-forwarding local phone number service will not meet the "proof of ownership" requirement.


The cost of the calls is set by the contracted phone provider. In addition to the quoted rate of the call, applicable taxes and fees may apply. Rates subject to change.

Local calls: $1.80 per call (flat rate, up to 30 minutes)
In-state long distance calls: $0.15/minute + $1.50 connection fee ($6.00 per 30-minute call)
Out of state long distance calls: $0.19 per minute

How Much Will I Save?

To save on the cost of prepaid calls from Utah State Prisons, you will need a local number. Having a local number for the inmate to call will save $4.20 per 30-minute call. 

How It Works

Step 1: Sign up for a local number. The local number will be set to ring to your home phone or cell phone. Your home or cell phone number will not change. When choosing your local number, try to choose a number in the same city as the prison. The same area code is not necessarily a local number. You can check the rates by entering your local number in the ICSolutions rate checking tool

Step 2: Give the inmate the new phone number.  The inmate will be required to add the new number to their list of approved numbers.

Step 3: Contact the phone provider for the institution and set up a prepaid or advance pay account for the new number. Some phone providers require a separate prepaid account for each phone number. A prepaid account is only necessary if the inmate cannot purchase phone credits from their commissary account (telephone debit account).

Step 4: Start talking for less!


General Information

In order to receive calls from an inmate, the Utah Department of Corrections requires that your telephone number be registered and approved. The first step is to have the inmate submit an Inmate Telephone Request form to have your phone number added to their Personal Approved Number (PAN) list. Once submitted, proof of ownership must be established before the request will be approved. There are a couple of different ways to prove ownership:

  1. Your name and telephone number match in the public telephone directory. This is the first step in the approval process and does not require any action by you.
  2. If the public telephone directory information does not match or is unavailable, you must send a copy of your telephone bill to the inmate so they can attach it to the Inmate Telephone Request form. The bill must contain both your name and telephone number and not be handwritten.

Once approved, your telephone number will be added to the inmate’s PAN list and you will be eligible to receive calls. In most cases, you simply need to wait for your friend or loved one to call. If you need to purchase prepaid services to receive future calls, you will receive a 60 second free phone call, after which a representative will come on the line to help guide you through the prepaid purchase process.

Get your local number now and start saving today.

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