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Utah State Prisons - Inmate Phone Calls

Utah Department of Corrections: Phone Calls

Prison Phone Provider for setting up prepaid accounts:

Value Added Communications (VAC):  Set up prepaid accounts online at

The cost of prepaid collect calls is set by VAC. The rates increase with distance.

Local calls: $3.15 per call
IntraLATA:  $4.80 per 15-minute call
InterLATA:  $4.80 per 15-minute calll
Interstate:  $3.15 per 15-minute call

*Rates subject to change and may not include taxes.

To save on the cost of prepaid calls from Utah State Prisons, you will need a local number or an out-of-state number. We have local numbers available for many Utah State Facilities.

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Excerpt from the Utah DOC Family Handbook


Q. How often can an inmate call me?

A. While assigned to the R&O unit an inmate may call once a week either on Saturday or Sunday.

After the inmate moves to a different housing unit, it will depend upon the inmate's privilege

matrix. In some units an inmate may make a 15-minute call once a day.

Q. Is there a charge for the telephone calls?

A. Yes. Calls made on the inmate housing telephones are collect calls. The charge is placed on your

telephone bill. The telephone company regulates this charge. When you answer a telephone call, a

recorded message will tell you that the call is coming from the Prison and will ask you if you will

accept the charge. The message will explain to you how to accept the charge.

Q. Are the telephone calls monitored?

A. Yes. Calls originating from the Prison are subject to being monitored and recorded. For this

reason, inmates are not allowed to have cell phones. When you accept a call, your consent is


Q. How can I get an inmate to call me?

A. The purpose of telephone calls is to supplement written correspondence (writing a letter). The

Prison staff does not accept telephone messages for inmates. (In case of emergencies, staff will

verify and evaluate the emergency first, before deciding whether to deliver the message.)

Inmates, while on the R&O unit, fill out a telephone request form to have your telephone number

approved. The form requests your name, address, telephone number and relationship to the inmate.

Your telephone number is cleared through a computer system for the inmate to call you.

Q. Is there a way not to have an inmate call me?

A. You have three options:

1. Have the telephone company put a voluntary block on your telephone line,

2. Notify the Prison contractors that you want your telephone number blocked, or

3. Do not accept the call.

Q. Is there V-Connect at the Prison?

A. To establish an account manually, contact VAC at the number below

1-800-786-8521 press 6 for a representative

Payments by mail should be sent to:

VAC - Dept. 2430

P.O. Box 122430

Dallas, TX 75312-2430-8517

VAC will accept on of the following payment methods

Master Card


Money order

Cashier's Check

The V-Connect Account funding minimum will be $25.00 and the maximum will be $100.00

for each V-CONNECT Account

Once an Inmate is released from custody, the owner of the V-CONNECT account will be

instructed to call a toll free number (1-800-786-8521) to receive a refund.

The V-CONNECT account funding minimum will be $50.00 and the maximum will be $200.00 for

each account. V-CONNECT accounts may only be funded once per day.


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