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Are you paying more than $0.63 per call for calls from an inmate in a Rhode Island State Prison? 

If your answer to this question is "Yes," a SaveOnPrisonCalls local phone number can help you reduce the cost of the calls from Rhode Island state prisons. Learn more about our local phone number service by reviewing our How It Works page.


The cost of the calls is set by the contracted phone provider. In addition to the quoted rate of the call, applicable taxes and fees may apply. Rates subject to change. Calls are up to 10 minutes long.

Local calls: $0.63 per call (flat rate)
In-state long distance calls: $0.63 per call (flat rate)
Out of state long distance calls: $1.17 plus .27 per minute

How Much Will I Save?

If you have a out-of-state number, to save on the cost of prepaid calls from Rhode Island State Prisons, you will need a Rhode Island number. Having a Rhode Island number for the inmate to call will save approximately $2.50 per 10-minute call. 


How It Works

Step 1: Sign up for a local number. The local number will be set to ring to your home phone or cell phone. Your home or cell phone number will not change.

Step 2: Give the inmate the new phone number.  The inmate will be required to add the new number to their list of approved numbers.

Step 3: Contact the phone provider for the institution and set up a prepaid or advance pay account for the new number. Some phone providers require a separate prepaid account for each phone number. A prepaid account is only necessary if the inmate cannot purchase phone credits from their commissary account (telephone debit account).

Step 4: Start talking for less!

General Information

From the Rhode Island DOC website:

The RIDOC affords inmates reasonable access to telephones, consistent with their status, housing unit regulations and the guidelines contained in the policy.

  • Are inmates allowed to receive telephone calls?
  • Can inmates make telephone calls? Yes. Inmates can now make collect or pre-paid calls. Pre-paid calls can be made using an ADVANCE PAY pre-paid account or using money placed in the telephone debit account.
  • Are there certain times when inmates are allowed to make telephone calls?
    Each facility warden sets the schedule for inmate telephone use.
  • Is there a limit on the length of time for each telephone call?
    All telephone calls except those between an inmate and his/her attorney are restricted to twenty (20) minutes.
  • How many phone numbers can an inmate have on their calling list?
    Inmates are allowed to have up to ten (10) social and five (5) attorney numbers on their telephone list. Inmates may also call the RIDOC Special Investigation’s Unit (SIU) (401) 462-2282, the RIDOC Inspector’s Office (401) 462-2551, the on-grounds RI State Police  (401) 462-2650 and licensed bail bondsmen.
  • Does the RIDOC monitor personal telephone calls?
    Yes. All telephone calls, except those between inmates and attorneys or law enforcement agencies, are recorded.
  • Why are calls recorded?
    Calls are recorded for security reasons.
  • Is the inmate and the person he/she is calling told that their conversation is being

    Yes, callers are given advance notice that their telephone conversations will be recorded. Those persons accepting the inmate’s call are asked to agree to being recorded before the call is connected.
  • How often can an inmate change the numbers on their telephone call list?
    Facility rules specify the times when an inmate may change the numbers on their telephone list.
  • What if there is a block on a civilian telephone of someone on an inmate's telephone call list?
    Since the RIDOC does not know the reason for the block (there could be a no contact order in place) the call will not be allowed at any time.
  • When I am on a call with an inmate, may I try to forward the call to another person, or try to conference in another caller?
    No. The call will be disconnected and the inmate may be disciplined.
  • If I have any type of telephone call connections problems, what number can I call?
    Report any problems to GTL technical support at 1-877-856-3184 or 1-866-345-6088. You can also e-mail technical support at Billing and prepaid issues should be directed to 1-877-650-4249. Questions about the automated pre-paid service should be directed to 1-800-483-8314.
  • What if I receive unwanted telephone calls from an inmate?
    Do not accept the collect call. If the calls continue, contact the facility warden. You may also contact the GTL technical service numbers above.

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