New Hampshire State Prisons
Inmate Phone Calls


New Hampshire Department of Corrections:
Telephone Calls

Prison Phone Provider

Prison Phone Provider for setting up prepaid accounts:
ICSolutions: Set up prepaid accounts online at

Prepaid Rates

The cost of the calls is set by the contracted phone provider. In addition to the quoted rate of the call, applicable taxes and fees may apply. Rates subject to change.

Local calls: $0.20 plus $0.045 per minute (No per minute charge for first 5 minutes of call)
In-state long distance calls: $0.045 per minute
Out of state long distance calls: $0.045 per minute

A local number is not necessary and will not substantially reduce the cost of the calls.

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General Information

Common Questions and Answers about Inmate Telephones

Contract with Inmate Communication Solutions in effect until May 31, 2016

The original contract is available on the State of New Hampshire website on the New Hampshire Department of Administrative Services, Purchase and Property Division under state contracts.

Ongoing contact with supportive family and friends is an important part of inmates’ success in prison and upon release. The New Hampshire Department of Corrections (NHDOC) is committed to providing the best possible inmate telephone service at the most reasonable cost per call. This includes information about the inmate telephone system, answers common questions and offers solutions to common problems.

The system used within DOC facilities is Inmate Communication System, Inc. (ICS). The system offers two types of calling programs: Advance Pay (prepaid) and collect.

What drives the cost of inmate calls?
How does an inmate get access to telephones while in prison?
What type of calls are inmates allowed/not allowed to make?
How do I know if an inmate is calling me?
Why can’t I receive inmate calls?
Who pays for the calls?
What if I don't want an inmate to call me?
Are inmate phone calls monitored?
Can inmates receive incoming calls?
How much will the inmate call cost?
What features on a phone might prevent receipt or disconnect a call?
The Department prohibits 3-Way calling. What methods are used to do so?
How can a call be more cost efficient?
How does Prepaid calling work?
I have an overdue, outstanding phone bill. Can I receive calls from an inmate?
How do I prepay for phone calls?
I am prevented from receiving calls from an inmate until my new area code/prefix is programmed into the telephone system. How do I fix it?
My phone company said there were no blocks on my phone. Is the NH Department of Corrections blocking me?
Why are my calls cut off prior to the time limitations set by the NH Department of Corrections?
How can I block my phone number from correctional facilities?

List of New Hampshire State Prisons 

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 North End House Transitional Housing Unit, Concord

 NH Correctional Facility for Women, Goffstown

 Calumet House Transitional Housing Unit, Manchester

 Northern NH Correctional Facility, Berlin

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