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Prison Phone Provider for setting up prepaid accounts:
GlobalTel Link: Set up prepaid accounts online at

Are you paying more than $0.50 per call for calls from an inmate in a Maryland State Prison? 

If your answer to this question is "Yes," a SaveOnPrisonCalls local phone number can help you reduce the cost of the calls from Maryland state prisons. Learn more about our local phone number service by reviewing our How It Works page.


The cost of the calls is set by the contracted phone provider. In addition to the quoted rate of the call, applicable taxes and fees may apply. Rates subject to change.

Local calls: $0.50 per 15-minute call
In-state long distance calls: $4.50 per 15-minute call
Out of state long distance calls: $3.15 per 15-minute call

How Much Will I Save?

To save on the cost of prepaid calls from Maryland State Prisons, you will need a local number. Having a local number for the inmate to call will save $4.00 per 15-minute callSave up to $264 per month or $3,168 per year or more on the cost of the calls with a SaveOnPrisonCalls local phone number.

All numbers provided are verified and guaranteed to be a local call from the prison.

How Much Can You Save Every Month on calls from Maryland State Prisons?

Maryland State Prisons Call Rates


How It Works

Step 1: Sign up for a local number. The local number will be set to ring to your home phone or cell phone. Your home or cell phone number will not change.

Step 2: Give the inmate the new phone number.  The inmate will be required to add the new number to their list of approved numbers.

Step 3: Contact the phone provider for the institution and set up a prepaid or advance pay account for the new number. Some phone providers require a separate prepaid account for each phone number. A prepaid account is only necessary if the inmate cannot purchase phone credits from their commissary account (telephone debit account).

Step 4: Start talking for less!


General Information

Information can be found for inmate telephone privileges by downloading the Inmate Telephone Privileges Fact Sheet.

Inmate Telephone Privileges

Inmates are not allowed to receive any incoming phone calls. When an inmate is assigned to a regular housing unit, he/she will be allowed to make outgoing calls.

The exceptions are:
• meal times,
• institutional counts,
• lock-downs, and
• cleaning details.

The telephone system will notify inmates when they have one minute remaining and will automatically shut off after their time limit has elapsed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I call an inmate?
A. Inmates are not allowed to receive any incoming phone calls.

Q. What if I do not want to receive phone calls from inmates?
A. To block calls from inmates, you must call 1-800-844-6591.

Q. When talking with my son, the phone keeps cutting off. What can I do?
A. There is an allotted time limit per phone call, and the telephone system will notify inmates when they have one minute remaining and will automatically shut off after the time limit has elapsed. To avoid being disconnected, don't

• Transfer the call
• Put the call on Hold
• Use or answer Call Waiting

List of Maryland State Facilities. We have local numbers available for the facilities listed in GREEN

BCCC - Baltimore City Correctional Center
BCF - Brockbridge Correctional Facility
CDF - Chesapeake Detention Facility (Formerly MCAC)
CMCF - Central Maryland Correctional Facility (Formerly CLF)
DRCF - Dorsey Run Correctional Facility
ECI - Eastern Correctional Institution
JCI - Jessup Correctional Institution
MCI-H - Maryland Correctional Institution - Hagerstown
MCI-J - Maryland Correctional Institution - Jessup
MCI-W - Maryland Correctional Institution for Women
MRDCC - Maryland Reception, Diagnostic and Classification Center
NBCI - North Branch Correctional Institution
PATX - Patuxent Institution
RCI - Roxbury Correctional Institution
WCI - Western Correctional Institution

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