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Alabama State Prisons
Inmate Phone Calls

Alabama Department of Corrections:
Telephone Calls

Phone Provider for Alabama State Prisons

ICSolutions is the inmate telephone service provider at the facility where your friend or family member resides. ICSolutions offers you the option to set up one of two account types that enable you to fund (prepay for) calls placed to you by an inmate.

A Prepaid Account enables you to purchase prepaid phone services for receiving phone calls on one specifically designated telephone number (a home phone, cell phone or business phone). The inmate can make calls only to that designated telephone number.

A Debit Telephone Account enables you to purchase prepaid phone services for the inmate. The inmate can then make calls to any telephone numbers that are not restricted by the facility, including your telephone number. 

Friends and family should visit to set up an account.



Call Rates

Phone Call Rates

The cost of the calls is set by the contracted phone provider. In addition to the quoted rate of the call, applicable taxes and fees may apply. Rates subject to change.

Rates for calls from Alabama state prisons:

Local Calls:  .21 per minute
In-state calls:  .21 per minute
Out-of-state calls:  .21 per minute

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General Information

Below you will find general information about the telephone policy at Alabama State Prisons

The following restrictions may be applied by the ADOC to inmate calling:
    Limits on length of calls or calling availability hours; maximum call length is currently 30 minutes per call
    Limits on number of inmate calls or total monthly call minutes
    Call monitoring, recording, and inmate PIN validation (in order to place calls)
    Blocks on types of phone numbers (such as 800 numbers) or selected phone numbers
    Temporary or permanent denial of phone usage rights for such reasons as disciplinary problems or requests by a called party

PROCEDURES (Excerpt from AL DOC website) 

A. Each institution will distribute the ADOC Form 431 to each inmate when received
into their institution. ADOC Form 431 will be available to the inmate population
to request changes.
B. Restrictions of inmate telephone privilege by the Warden/designee will be
provided to the Telephone Monitor on a daily basis to be entered into the
computer as soon as possible.
C. Upon arrival at an institution the Telephone Monitor will check the inmate’s
institutional file for their current approved telephone list. If the inmate is eligible
for a change, they will be allowed to do so at this time.
D. The Telephone Monitor should enter the inmate’s telephone list into the telephone
computer within 72 hours of receiving the inmate, excluding weekends and
holidays. A copy will be provided for the inmate’s institutional file.
E. Each inmate’s telephone list will be entered into the telephone computer by
Personal Identification Number (PIN) and name.
F. An inmate will be allowed to change their telephone list:
   1. Once every six (6) months, in conjunction with the time of their regular
visiting/funds list change.
   2. The inmate’s six month period will begin at the reception center with the
first list (telephone/visitation/funds) entered.
   3. If an inmate’s immediate family member moves prior to the six (6) month
change, the inmate can submit a copy of the old telephone bill and a copy
of the new telephone bill as documentation with the new telephone
   4. Prior to the six month change, an attorney’s telephone number may be
changed or a new number added, provided a letter is submitted on the
attorney’s letter head requesting the change.
G. All telephone calls, except those involving attorney-client privileges, are subject
to being recorded and investigated where necessary to maintain institutional

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