How To Save
On Prison Calls ...

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FPC Montgomery
Federal Prison Camp Montgomery
in Montgomery, AL

How to Save On Prison Calls from FPC Montgomery

Sign up today to get a local phone number, then pay only .06 cents per minute through the BOP Debit Calling Plan.

Having a local number for the inmate to call will save $0.06 per minute or $0.90 per 15-minute call. Save up to $360 per year on the cost of the calls with a SaveOnPrisonCalls local phone number.

All numbers provided are verified and guaranteed to be a local call from the prison. 

Local phone numbers

What you Get:
A phone number that will be a local call from FPC Montgomery
Calls routed to your U.S. home/cell phone
Your existing number stays the same
Guaranteed local number
Try it Risk Free for 15 Days.
(See Terms and Conditions) 

Debit Calling Rates From
FPC Montgomery:

Long distance rate: $0.12 per minute

Local rate: $0.06 per minute

The above rates apply to the cost of the calls charged by the prison through VAC/GTL. There is no way around paying for each call.

3 Way to Pay For Calls

Collect Call (billed to your landline phone bill (most expensive rate).

Prepaid Collect Call (prepaid account through VAC/GTL. Calls are limited to one phone number per prepaid account.

Debit Call using inmate phone debit account. Can call any number on approved list with these funds. (Recommended)

Save with a local number

Calls to a SaveOnPrisonCalls local number will automatically ring to your current phone number.

The inmate calls you on the local number and pays the local rate of .06 per minute using their inmate phone debit account.

Save up to $360 a year on the cost of calls from the prison with a local phone number.

FPC Montgomery, Montgomery, AL

FPC Montgomery

A minimum security federal prison camp.



Email: MON/
Phone: 334-293-2100
Fax: 334-293-2329


General Information About Telephone Calls from Federal Prisons

The BOP extends telephone privileges to inmates to help them maintain ties with their families and other community contacts. Ordinarily, the inmate pays for the calls; but in some cases the receiving party pays. Limitations and conditions may be imposed upon an inmate's telephone privileges to ensure they are consistent with the BOP's correctional management responsibilities. A notice is posted next to each telephone advising inmates that calls are monitored. Unmonitored calls to attorneys are permitted in certain circumstances. Third-party or other alternative call arrangements are not permitted; this ensures inmates do not have the opportunity to use phones for criminal or other inappropriate purposes.

Telephone Procedures for Federal Prison Inmates:

Telephones are to be used for lawful purposes only. Any threats, extortion, or other forms of illegal activity, may result in prosecution. All inmate telephones are subject to monitoring and recording. Inmates must contact their Case Manager or Counselor to arrange an unmonitored attorney call.

Telephone usage has been limited to 300 minutes per month (400 minutes in November and December). It is now increased to 500 minutes per month. It is expected that each inmate will handle his calls in such a manner that will allow the equal use of the phone by all inmates. Telephones will not be used to conduct a business.

Payment for other calls, for which the inmate cannot pay through normal means, will be paid via his commissary account, payable to the U.S. Treasury.

Inmates in Disciplinary Segregation and Administrative Detention may make a limited number of calls. The Inmate Telephone System (ITS II), is a voice activated system. This is a direct dial system. You can print your telephone request from a printer in the Law Library and hand deliver it to your Counselor.

When you submit a Telephone Request Form and purchase telephone credits, a Personal Access Code (PAC) will be generated . Telephone credits can be purchased through the inmate telephone by following the PAC Code instructions.


To access your telephone account for information and transfers, dial 118 and follow the instructions. This function allows you to transfer phone credits, access you commissary account balance and check the remaining minutes for the month Phone credits can be transferred in whole dollar amounts only following the 4:00 p.m. count daily and all day on weekends.


1. Voice activation dial 111. To hear recording dial 112.
2. You will be assigned a nine (9) digit Phone Access Code (PAC). The PAC is your confidential code.
3. The PAC must be used to process a telephone call.
4. Distribution of this PAC to other inmates is prohibited.
5. If your PAC has been compromised, contact your Counselor.

Making Calls

All calls are limited to fifteen (15) minutes in length with a 60 minute wait between calls.

Debit: Dial the 10-digit number (area code and number) and finally your PAC.
Collect: Dial 0 and then the 10-digit number and finally your PAC.

Debit: Dial 1 and then the 10-digit number and finally your PAC.
Collect: Dial 0 and then the 10-digit number and finally your PAC.

Ready to get started?

Save on the cost of calls from loved ones  by setting up a local phone number