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Washington State Prisons
Inmate Phone Calls

Washington Department of Corrections:
Telephone Calls

Phone Provider for Washington State Prisons

ConnectNetwork GTL
GTL’s prepaid collect option, AdvancePay®, allows a friend or family member to set up a calling account to his or her phone number without the restrictions of standard billing. Every time calls are made and accepted to a prepaid number, the charges are deducted from the account. Prepaid accounts can be set up for all types of numbers, including cell phones.

Friends and family should visit to set up an AdvancePay account. 

ConnectNetwork GTL


Call Rates

Phone Call Rates

The cost of the calls is set by the contracted phone provider. In addition to the quoted rate of the call, applicable taxes and fees may apply. Rates subject to change.

Rates for calls from Washington state prisons:
Local Calls:  .11 per minute
In-state calls:  .11 per minute
Out-of-state calls:  .11 per minute


General Information

Below you will find general information about the telephone policy at Washington State Prisons

The Washington Department of Corrections (DOC) supports inmates maintaining ties with family, friends, and the community, and per DOC Policy 450.200 Telephone Use by OffendersAdobe PDF File, will provide inmates access to telephones and reasonably priced telephone services.

The DOC currently contracts with ConnectNetwork by Global Tel Link for inmate phone services.

Receiving Phone Calls
When you receive a phone call from an inmate, you will hear a pre-recorded message that will name the facility the call is coming from and the inmate whom is calling you. After the message concludes you will have the option to accept or deny the call.

If you accept the call:
ConnectNetwork rates will apply, and
If you don't have a ConnectNetwork account, you will be prompted to create one
If you will be setting up a new account, the received call will be delayed and the inmate whom is trying to call you will be asked to wait at least 30 minutes before trying to call your number again in order to provide you time to establish an account.

About Phone Calls
Phone calls are limited to 20 minutes in duration. Both parties will hear a message at three intervals during the phone call to alert how much time remains (2 minutes, 1 minute, 30 seconds). After 20 minutes have passed, the phone call will automatically disconnect.

Do not attempt a three-way call
Do not try to transfer the call
Do not put the inmate on hold
Do not use or answer "call waiting"
Once a prepaid account has been established for a specific phone number, an inmate can no longer make collect call to that number.

Eligibility & Requirements
Friends & Family
There is no application or verification process that must be completed in order to be eligible to receive phone calls from an inmate. If friends or family would like to enable an inmate to call them, a ConnectNetwork account is required.

All inmates are assigned an Inmate Personal Identification Number (IPIN). Inmates must enter their IPIN to initiate a phone call and are responsible for all calls made using their assigned IPIN.

Inmates may only call phone numbers on their Personal Allowed Number (PAN) list. The PAN list can have up to 25 phone numbers, and inmate's are responsible for maintaining their list. PAN lists will transfer with inmates when transferring to other DOC prisons.

Custom call features (e.g., 3-way calling, call forwarding) are not permitted.

Family Emergency Calls
All family emergencies must go through the emergency messages process at the prison facility where the inmate is located.

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