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Massachusetts State Prisons
Inmate Phone Calls

Massachusetts Department of Corrections:
Telephone Calls

Phone Provider for Massachusetts State Prisons

Securus Technologies
An AdvanceConnect™ account with Securus is a friend & family-owned prepaid calling account that allows you to receive collect calls from inmates/offenders and have the charges deducted automatically from your prepaid account. A Securus prepaid AdvanceConnect account puts you in control of your spending and ensures you can receive calls from correctional facilities. 

Friends and family should visit to set up an AdvanceConnect account.

Securus Technologies


Call Rates

Phone Call Rates

The cost of the calls is set by the contracted phone provider. In addition to the quoted rate of the call, applicable taxes and fees may apply. Rates subject to change.

Rates for calls from Massachusetts state prisons:
Local Calls:  .10 per minute
In-state calls:  .10 per minute
Out-of-state calls:  .11 per minute


General Information

Below you will find general information about the telephone policy at Massachusetts State Prisons

You can contact an inmate by writing letters and sending them through the postal service, via email through Corrlinks or inmates can call you by phone. You can also get information on how to visit an inmate in person, or find an inmate.

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