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Louisiana State Prisons - Inmate Phone Calls

Louisiana Department of Corrections: Phone Calls

Are you paying more than $.88 per call for calls from an inmate in a Louisiana State Prison? 

If your answer to this question is "Yes," SaveOnPrisonCalls services can help you reduce the cost of the calls from Louisiana state prisons.

To save on the cost of prepaid collect calls from Louisiana State Prisons, you will need a local number.  Having a local number for the inmate to call will save $4.62 per call on in-state calls.  The savings realized after receiving just five (5) calls per month will pay for the cost of the VoIP phone service. Plus you will be able to use this as home phone service with unlimited local and long distance calling.

Securus is the phone provider for Louisiana state prisons. Securus can detect call forwarding and will block the phone number if call forwarding is detected. To successfully use a local number, you will need VoIP phone service. A broadband internet connection and a standard phone are required. Do not use the call forwarding feature. If you have a smartphone, there is a smartphone app available that will allow you to receive the calls on your smartphone without using call forwarding. Pricing as low as $8.33 per month.

How to save on prepaid collect calls from Louisiana State Prisons:

Step 1Sign up for VoiP phone service and choose a local number.

Step 2:  Give the inmate the new phone number. Have the inmate attempt to call the new phone number to get it into the prison calling system. For State and Federal Institutions, the inmate may be required to add the new number to the list of approved numbers.

Step 3:  Contact Securus Technologies, the phone provider for the institution, and set up a prepaid or advance pay account for the new number. Some phone providers require a separate prepaid account for each phone number. A prepaid account is only necessary if the inmate cannot purchase phone credits from their commissary account (telephone debit account).

Step 4:  Start talking for less!

Click Here for additional information on our recommended VoIP phone service plan.

Unlimited VoIP Phone Service

Phone provider for Louisiana State Prisons: 
Securus Technologies

Local calls are $0.88 per 15-minute call
In-state long distance calls are $5.50 per 15-minute call
Out-of-state long distance calls are $3.15

*Rates subject to change and may not include tax

Louisiana DOC Website: Louisiana Department of Corrections

All offenders should only have access to telephone services through the provided phone system at the facility
where they are assigned. Each offender at state operated correctional facilities is limited to having up to 20
approved numbers on his/her master telephone list. This includes all family, personal and legal contacts.
Changes to the offender’s master telephone list can be made on a quarterly basis and is directed by the
administration of the facility. To set up billing accounts for phone service or if there are problems receiving
calls, family members may contact 1-800-844-6591 for telephone related inquiries. The staff at this number
will not be able to assist in approval of contact lists.
Offenders housed in local level facilities must utilize the phone systems that are set up in those facilities.
Information on how to use the system can be obtained from the staff at the assigned facility by the offender.


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