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Connecticut State Prisons - Inmate Phone Calls

Connecticut Department of Corrections: Phone Calls

Telephones are available to inmates to place outgoing collect calls or calls that are billed through the Securus option. Each inmate completes a calling list that contains up to ten telephone numbers they may call for social contact.

Credit card calls, billing to a third party, call forwarding, transfers or any other method which circumvents collect call billing shall be prohibited. (See also Administrative Directive 10.7 Inmate Communication).

The phone provider for Connecticut State Prisons is Securus Technologies.
Phone:  1-800-844-6591

Securus Inmate Telephone Calls (PDF)      Connecticut Department of Corrections

Cost of Calls using Securus Advance Pay Account:  .21/minute ($3.15 for a 15-minute call).  A local number is not needed and will not reduce the cost of the calls.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does an inmate have access to a telephone?

Each facility provides “collect call only” telephones to inmates for outgoing calls only. All phone calls are recorded and may be monitored. Inmates are not allowed to receive telephone calls. Third party calls are not permitted. The use of a “collect call only” telephone is deemed a privilege and may be restricted for disciplinary purposes. Inmates who are hearing impaired will be provided with a TDD/TTY machine in order to make phones calls.

A Personal Identification Number (PIN) is assigned to each inmate in order to use the phones. An inmate may submit a list of up to ten phone numbers to his or her unit counselor. This list is reviewed and if a person is a victim of the inmate, they will not be placed on the phone list. There is no appeal process.

There are options for pre-paid accounts, which provide calls at a reduced rate.  These are detailed on the agency website.

Is inmate use of the telephone limited to certain times of day?

Each facility has a telephone schedule that is provided to the inmates.

How can I get my phone number removed from an inmate’s telephone list?

To remove your phone number, write a letter to the warden of the facility where the inmate is housed and request that your number be removed from the inmate’s phone list.

If I receive an unwanted or threatening call, what do I do?

As soon as possible, contact your local police department and then report it to the facility by asking for the Lieutenant’s Office. You will need to provide them with any necessary information for follow-up.

Telephone Access. Each Facility Administrator shall provide "collect call only" telephones which allow for outgoing calls in areas specified by the Unit Administrator for inmate use. Schedules and terms for telephone use shall be posted in telephone areas. Inmate use of "collect call only" telephones shall be deemed a privilege and not an entitlement. Use of any telephone may be prohibited by the Facility Administrator in accordance with Administrative Directives 6.14, Security Risk Groups and 9.5, Code of Penal Discipline or to meet any valid penological interest. If the call is to an attorney, such prohibition shall be based upon a determination relating to the maintenance of security, safety or orderly operation of the facility. The availability or use of any telephones may be restricted or terminated at the discretion of the Commissioner or designee. Inmates shall not have access to use any facility telephone, other than a "collect call only" telephone, except as authorized in this Directive.

Credit card calls, billing to a third party, call forwarding, transfers or any other method which circumvents collect call billing shall be prohibited.

A. General Provisions for "Collect Call Only" Telephones. "Collect call only" telephones shall operate on a Personal Identification Number (PIN) system. Each inmate shall be required to enter their authorized Personal Identification Number to place a call. An inmate requesting to use a "collect call only" telephone shall submit a list of no more than ten (10) phone numbers. The facility shall review the submitted phone numbers and deleted any restricted phone number(s) from the list (e.g., known phone number of victim of the inmate's crime). The list of authorized numbers shall be entered into the phone system and shall constitute the inmate's allowed call list. Each inmate shall be allowed to change the list of phone numbers once every 30 days.

The Commissioner shall issue a list establishing the authorized number of phone calls allowed. Each phone call from a collect call only telephone shall be limited to 15 minutes. The calls may only be made between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. There shall be no time limit between allowable calls. Any unauthorized or fraudulent use of the phone system shall subject an inmate to loss of phone privileges in accordance with Administrative Directive 9.5, Code of Penal Discipline.



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