VoIP Phone Service

(Provided by a third-party provider)

VoIP Home Phone Service

Unlimited calling in the US and Canada for $8.33/month

Important:  When choosing a local number, keep in mind that a number with same area code as the prison/jail is not necessarily a local call. To be certain, look for a number in the same city as the prison/jail. If you need help choosing a local number, contact us, and we will assist you.

Ideal for use with state, county, city, and regional jails using Securus Technologies as the contracted phone provider for the jail. Remote call forwarding is usually detected and blocked by Securus for state, county, city and regional jails. Use of this plan will meet the requirements of Securus.

Can be used without call forwarding if you have high-speed Internet or iPhone/Android App.


$19.95 monthly with no term agreement

$9.95 monthly with one-year term agreement

$99.95 Prepaid First Year (equivalent to $8.33 per month)

Unlimited minutes.*


iPhone/Android App

With the iPhone/Android App you can now take your VoIP Phone Service with you on the go and never be without access to your home phone number or miss an important call!